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등록 일시 2023-11-19 조회수 31
The mood of late autumn is in full swing. Autumn is a season to enjoy with your eyes. From colorful autumn leaves to steaming foods 
with the cold wind. The change in autumn, which is nearing the end, is a kind of "alert" that busy modern people need 
to travel for rest and healing. It is a better experience when you are with your family. If you stay away from your smartphone and PC for a while, 
you will find peace of mind even though it is a short time. This is because it can reduce dopamine secretion while avoiding 
stimulation caused by frequent multimedia exposure. It's a so-called digital detox. It introduces a digital detox destination in late fall 
that the whole family is satisfied with. It is Jeong Tae-young-sam (Jeongseon, Taebaek, Yeongwol, and Samcheok).
Jeongseon is recommended as the first start of Jeongtae Youngsam's trip. To be precise, Gangwon Land's 
High1 Resort is perfect as a family-type travel destination. The reason why High1 Resort is considered the first 
starting point of the trip is clear. It is a comfortable accommodation and excellent accessibility to each area. In 
addition, it was selected as a recommended wellness tourist destination for 2023. The fact that there 
are many wellness programs available is an attractive factor for travelers. Various experience factors are the most influential 
factors in the recent selection of travel destinations. High1 Resort's various experiences are closely related to healing. 
It is also attractive to have various walking courses due to the regional characteristics surrounded by scenic 
mountains. In other words, it is a travel destination that allows you to stay away from smartphones and 
PCs and focus solely on travel destinations, me, and companions.
Recently, it is a global trend that the number of travel destinations that do not use smartphones and 
PCs is increasing. Brenus Park Hotel & Spa, a luxury hotel in Baden-Baden, Germany, famous for its hot springs, 
operates a digital detox concept wellness program and a system that can cut off Wi-Fi and electricity in the room. 
The "Castle Hot Springs" resort in Arizona, USA, is also presenting a variety of healing programs to distance itself from 
excessive SNS use and content consumption. Located in Huahin, Thailand, "Chiba Som Resort Huahin" 
operates a policy that allows no electronic devices, including smartphones, to be used in restaurants and public spaces except for hotel rooms.
In the case of High1 Resort, internet use is not compulsorily restricted. It is characterized by 
making it possible to naturally connect to digital detox through various experience programs.