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등록 일시 2023-11-18 조회수 36
High1 Bakery, a subsidiary of Kangwon Land's Social Contribution Foundation, recently signed a "working agreement for ESG management practice, including employment of people with developmental disabilities," with the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled at the foundation's headquarters.
Through this agreement, the two organizations will establish a "High1 Bakery" confectionary vocational experience center inside the Gangwon Developmental Disability Training Center in Wonju to support vocational training for the disabled.
To this end, High1 Bakery develops confectionary job experience contents exclusively for people with developmental disabilities, and the Gangwon Developmental Disabilities Training Center conducts field-oriented customized vocational training based on the developed contents. Among the participants who have completed the training, those with developmental disabilities who wish to get a job will be offered the opportunity to become employees of High1 Bakery in the future.
Sonopet Vivaldi Park, run by Daemyung Sono Group Sono International, will organize an event called "Travel with Wine" that presents a special experience of French wine with pets.
The event, which will be held on the 11th, was planned as a time to learn and enjoy France's representative wines with wine experts, not general lectures.
It will be joined by instructor Kim Ji-sun, a former professional journalist who has completed the International Wine Expert Certification WEST Level 4 and the French Wine Professional Course (FWS with HIGHEST HONERS). We will also have time to enjoy four kinds of wine tasting and pairing finger food on the spot.프리카지노
The participation fee is 15,000 won, and only adults can participate. High-end pet toothbrush sets will be presented only to pre-booked customers. It will be held at Think Dog on the first floor of Sonopet Vivaldi Park for 90 minutes from 7 p.m. and will be available with pets.