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The court ruled that Kangwon Land's "dismissal" disposition of those who were employed illegally was 
justified. The appellate court also reached the same conclusion as the first trial court's ruling.
The Gangwon Land hiring scandal is a controversial case as 493 out of 518 people 
hired in 2012 and 2013 were found to have been illegally hired by politicians such as 
lawmakers and local governments. This case has emerged as a social topic as it was called a recruitment battle.
In 2018, all 226 successful applicants for employment corruption who were working at the 
time were dismissed from their authority.
In this case, Yeom Dong-yeol, a former lawmaker of the Future United Party (the predecessor of the 
People's Power), and Choi Heung-jip, former president, were sentenced to one year in prison and 
three years in prison, respectively.
Of the 4,000 people who applied to Kangwon Land at the time, 800 were identified as direct victims 
related to score manipulation.
Self-introduction letters and interview scores of applicants who received requests were manipulated, 
and if the scores were low, they used a method of removing certain tests themselves from the evaluation, 
sparking controversy over illegal hiring.
An official from Kangwon Land said, "After the hiring scandal, the hiring system has been completely 
reorganized to deal with the hiring process transparently enough to block illegal 
solicitations even when hiring part-time workers."
The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission operates the "Integrated Reporting Center for 
Recruitment Corruption" to eradicate hiring irregularities in the public sector, which 
requires attention from job seekers in the public sector.
The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission will focus on corruption and fraudulent 
solicitation throughout the personnel and recruitment process, such as solicitation of personnel, 
manipulation of test scores and interview results, unfair instructions related to promotion and 
employment, entertainment, and receipt of money.