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등록 일시 2023-10-03 조회수 77
Regulators say they are preventing potential risks by putting various regulatory devices on the path of the 
domestic speculative industry under one pretext or another. 
This is like only one thing and the two don't know. Customers who encounter various 
obstacles set up by the authorities on the way to the local gambling 
industry, especially domestic casinos, turn not to their homes, but to closed-room game sites, online game sites, and overseas casinos that are not subject to regulations.
Korean guests, they're going to be taken away from foreign countries
This reality is that from the standpoint of Kangwon Land, which needs to increase 
corporate value and grow, major customers and potential customers who 
remained in the legal entertainment industry are being taken away from illegal online 
gambling and overseas casinos. Also, even in the face of the risk of population 
extinction and the need to escape the swamp of economic stagnation, the government is blocking 
visitors and potential consumers who have contributed to revitalizing the local economy.
Although it has been more than 20 years since the establishment of Korean, 
Kangwon Land's competitiveness is declining day by day due to the total sales system and 
various regulations. The local economy and residents' lives are also facing a 
new risk of population extinction, with no future and uncertainty. The population of Jeongseon-gun, 
which was close to 100,000, has plummeted to 30,000 now, and the population of 
Sabuk and Gohan, which once exceeded 50,000, is now less than 10,000 now.
It is the role of the state and the responsibility of the government 
to protect the lives of the people and to examine the local livelihood. It is the 
historical experience and conclusion of the past 20 years that we are now tied to the old and 
narrow vision of "regulation of the speculative industry" and missing something 
bigger and more important. Both the people and local residents have a mature 
consciousness in their many experiences and have the power to judge their own destiny 
between gambling and entertainment. Kangwon Land also has that level of management ability.