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Above all, it is necessary to reset the relationship between the Ministry 
of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Gangwon State. The Ministry of Culture, 
Sports and Tourism needs to set the direction of whether to grow the  
industry as the core of the tourism industry or just control it as it is now. In 
Gangwon Province, it is necessary to set up a position 
and establish a plan to promote whether the 
governor will take over the relevant authority by looking only at Kangwon Land to revive 

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the economy in the abandoned mine area, making the surrounding 
city a tourist city in connection with Kangwon Land, or reflecting 
the revision of the Gangwon Special Act. In addition, under the Tourism 
Promotion Act, cities around Gangwon Land should be transformed into 
tourist bases, and the "Special Act on Support for Development of Abandoned 
Mining Areas" enacted in 1995 and the casino industry-related law should be revised. 
The revision of the Tourism Promotion Act in 1994 included the casino industry in the "tourism industry" 
category and gave the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism new, change, 
permission, and supervision rights, but the "Administrative Oversight 
Committee on the Gambling Industry Act" enacted in 2007 defines the casino industry
 as a "gambling industry" and regulates field guidance, 
gambling addiction management, and total sales
of the gambling industry. This should also be revised to suit reality. 
Representatively, there are easing or abolishing the total sales volume 
of the speculative industry, abolishing the time limit for entry, 
and lowering admission fees. The total sales volume 
of the speculative industry in 2023 determined by the integrated supervisory committee 
of the speculative industry in April this year is KRW 11.42 trillion. 
The total sales volume of the speculative industry is about 0.5% of Korea's gross domestic product (GDP). 
The regulation of total sales for the speculative industry itself is nonsense. It is difficult to 
find legislative examples that limit the total amount of individual industries in countries 
that operate a market economy. Only when the total sales volume of the speculative 
industry is drastically eased or abolished, the total sales of the seven speculative industries 
will rise, leading to a rise in sales of Kangwon Land. It may also be helpful to revise the law under 
the name of "lucky industry" to overcome the negative image of the speculative industry. 
Gangwon Land hours should be available 24 hours.