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Dream Tower said, "A large number of Chinese VIP customers have visited during the Chinese Labor Day holiday, which began on the 28th of last month, and are enjoying the biggest speciality since its opening."

Investors' expectations for Lotte tourism development are also growing as casinos, a key industry of Jeju Dream Tower, have broken the record.

Lotte Tourism Development's short selling volume has continued to decline from March 7 (8.17 million shares, 11.12% of all stocks) to April 26 (7.06 million shares, 9.58% of all stocks).

The steady decline in short selling is attributed to expectations for Lotte Tourism Development, which is growing as the renovation begins in earnest.

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Of Lotte Tourism Development's short selling volume, 6.23% is basically a special volume for overseas investors who are expecting a rise in stock prices.

Only 3.35% of the general short selling volume wants the stock price to fall. Excluding special supplies, the short selling volume ranking is only 10th.