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If the dealer's open card is Spade A, it means that the dealer 

has insurance against the possibility of blackjack. Half of the amount 

of the case (half is only the upper limit, and you can pay less than half of it) 

will be paid in Insurrence, and if the dealer is a blackjack, you will pay twice 

the insurance premium. Of course, the existing betting money will  

be taken by the dealer, so if the incentive is successful, the money will be recovered. 

If the betting amount is 100 won, the insurance amount will be 50 won, which will 

consume a total of 150 won, and if you lose 100 won and earn 100 won, which is twice

the amount of 50 won, it will be the same as the first. If the dealer is not a blackjack, 

he or she will lose the amount he or she has put on insurance.