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등록 일시 2023-08-06 조회수 288
Gangwon Land announced on the 19th that it will conduct a special safety inspection for management for five days from the 17th.

The purpose of this safety inspection is to preemptively improve facilities, drainage channels, rainwater, buildings, and retaining walls that are vulnerable to flooding in preparation for typhoons and torrential rains during the peak summer season.
Gangwon Land CEO Lee Sam-gul visited Water World on the 18th to check the deployment of water safety personnel, firefighting facilities, business evacuation facilities, and facilities, and also checked a manual containing measures in case of an emergency.

The special safety inspection will be conducted sequentially throughout the resort by four executives, including standing auditors, win-win management headquarters, casino headquarters, and resort headquarters, visiting the new dormitory site, casino sales site, and hotel parking lot.

quarantine measures for small breeding facilities as a provincial ordinance to block livestock infectious diseases, but it was excluded from the final agenda due to controversy over its appropriateness.

The Jeju Special Act, which includes seven-stage system improvement tasks, will leave only the gates of the Legislation and Judiciary Committee's plenary session on the 20th and the plenary session on the 21st. If passed by the National Assembly, the bill review will be completed 20 months after the bill is submitted in November 2021.

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