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Gangwon Land employees have saved the life of a partner company employee who suddenly collapsed during work, which is a hot topic.

According to Gangwon Land on the 14th, A, an employee in his 50s of a partner company who was managing parking on June 14, collapsed unconscious.

Kang Yoon-hyuk, head of the health management team, and Kim Ik-hyun, head of the health management team who happened to pass by, immediately performed CPR.
For the safety of customers and employees, Kangwon Land continues to educate all employees on how to use CPR and automatic defibrillators.
Mr. A, who was transferred to the hospital by 119 rescue teams, was reportedly hospitalized and returned to work safely at the end of June.

Kang and Kim said, "It was very helpful to receive training related to emergency response and CPR at the company."