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It has already been on the decline for six consecutive trading days. It also fell 29.53% compared to the beginning of the year.

Kangwon Land fell to 16,130 won during the day, setting a new 52-week low for the second day following 16,360 won the previous day.

Gangwon Land's stock price is approaching the low of 16,000 won on March 23, 2020, when the COVID-19 plunge occurred. Currently, the KOSPI has settled at the 2,600-point level, but Gangwon Land's stock price has returned to the 1,500-point level.

The company's stock price fell like this because of concerns about its performance. Gangwon Land also suffered a significant blow to its performance due to quarantine measures such as reducing the number of tables during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sales, which stood at 1.52 trillion won in 2019, shrank to 47.9 billion won in 2020, a third. It then recorded sales of 78.8 billion won in 2021 and 1.271 trillion won in 2022, and is expected to record 1.4699 trillion won this year based on the Fn guide.
includes allowing administrative affairs to be entrusted to the private sector even if they are not heads of local governments under the Local Autonomy Act.

On the other hand, the subcommittee did not accept that there was no legal authority of the administrative market under Article 117 of the Local Autonomy Act (Delegation of Affairs, etc.), and even if it was entrusted, there would be a contradiction in which the governor approves it again.

The casino pre-authorization system has been stranded due to controversy over its unconstitutionality. Restricting the transfer and merger guaranteed under the Commercial Act was deleted after a dispute, following criticism that it violates freedom of business.

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