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등록 일시 2023-07-27 조회수 323

Gangwon Land announced on the 17th that it will provide a total of 300 million won in donations to events 

held in four cities and counties in the abandoned mine area of Gangwon in the second half of 2023.

Non-profit organizations or institutions located in four cities and counties

 in abandoned mines in Gangwon-do are eligible for support, and projects 

supported by Gangwon Land or Gangwon Land Social Contribution Foundation are excluded.

One organization can receive support for one project per year.

There are a total of four areas of public offering: residents-led local festivals, 

cultural and artistic festivals, sports events, and general events that reflect regional characteristics.

Applications for support shall be limited to projects that 

can bear at least 20% of the total project cost.

Gangwon Land has provided a total of 3.6 billion won to 588 projects since 2015.

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