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제목 New Open Best Benefits and Services 문의 유형 배송
등록 일시 2023-07-26 조회수 124
The contest offers ideas on overall services linked to customer value, such as enhancing user convenience through digital conversion and unique services that can only be enjoyed at Gangwon Land and High1 Resort.

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Applications for participation and idea proposals posted on Gangwon Land's website can be filled out and sent to the person in charge's e-mail by the 31st.

The evaluation items are implementation effect, feasibility, and content fidelity, and Gangwon Land will select the final winner in September after the first working-level evaluation, second evaluation by managers and external experts.

The prize money is 2 million won for the grand prize (1 case), 1 million won for the excellence award (2 cases), and 300,000 won for the encouragement award (3 cases), totaling 4.9 million won.

Lee Woo-sik, head of the performance innovation team, said, "We plan this contest to strengthen sustainable future competitiveness," adding, "We hope that many fresh ideas that meet the customer values pursued by Gangwon Land will be discovered."