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Thanks to the full-fledged resumption of direct flights to China at Jeju Dream Tower, it has set a record for monthly sales since its opening and succeeded in turning into a surplus.

The new chip will be equipped with RFID (electronic short-range information recognition technology) and EM (electromagnetic field). In addition, currency-level security technology owned by the Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation will be applied. However, 1,000 won bills, which are low-value bills, were excluded from the application, believing that the possibility of forgery would be low.

This is Gangwon Land's third chip replacement. It was replaced by a counterfeit 1 million copies of chips in 2008 and a change in casino operations in 2010. The two chips were replaced only with 100,000 won and 1 million won bills, and the remaining chips have been in use for 20 years since its introduction in 2003. There are five types of casino chips: 1,000 won bills, 5,000 won bills, 10,000 won bills, 100,000 won bills, and 1 million won bills.

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