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등록 일시 2023-07-21 조회수 131
According to the stock market, the second-quarter earnings were also estimated to have fallen short of expectations. Kiwoom Securities estimated that the number of visitors to Kangwon Land Casino during the period was about 580,000, down from the previous quarter, and the drop amount was KRW 1.3396 trillion, down about 4% from the previous year.

Drop amount is the total amount of money customers purchased chips at casinos, and Gangwon Land has stagnated in visits by VIPs and recovery of drop amount.

The reason is that customers' satisfaction with the service is low. Gangwon Land is a casino that Koreans can enter and exit, and it is evaluated that it has been neglected to improve its service competitiveness while receiving legal protection. As a result, it is analyzed that VIP customers who moved to online and overseas private casinos during the COVID-19 period will not return.

In fact, according to the 2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey of Public Institutions released by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance in April, Kangwon Land received the lowest grade of "insufficient" in the customer satisfaction evaluation.

government were excluded from the Public Administration and Security Committee and the Judiciary Committee subcommittee, and the actual transfer of authority was reduced to 30 tasks.

Earlier, at the plenary session of the Public Administration and Security Committee held in November last year, "relaxing the age of residents' ordinances," "establishing a comprehensive international free city plan," and "special cases on disinfection facilities for small breeding facilities."

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