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He has also been under fire several times for his luxury business trips and luxury board meetings. In April last year, President Lee spent 86 million won on business trips to three European countries with seven entourage members. The board of directors held in June then set aside a budget of more than 10 million won for the hosting cost.

It has been pointed out that the expenditure incurred during the two-year deficit of 320 billion won, which has disrupted casino operations due to the spread of COVID-19, is a "waste of budget."

The Ministry of Strategy and Finance also stressed the need to improve social responsibility in this management evaluation. In the announcement of the "2022 Management Performance Evaluation Results of Public Institutions," the Ministry of Strategy and Finance mentioned Kangwon Land and the Korea Railroad Corporation (Grade E) and pointed out that "the social responsibilities that public institutions must comply with, such as misconduct or safety accidents."
includes allowing administrative affairs to be entrusted to the private sector even if they are not heads of local governments under the Local Autonomy Act.

On the other hand, the subcommittee did not accept that there was no legal authority of the administrative market under Article 117 of the Local Autonomy Act (Delegation of Affairs, etc.), and even if it was entrusted, there would be a contradiction in which the governor approves it again.

The casino pre-authorization system has been stranded due to controversy over its unconstitutionality. Restricting the transfer and merger guaranteed under the Commercial Act was deleted after a dispute, following criticism that it violates freedom of business.

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