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Drop amount, which is directly related to sales due to the increase in visitors, is also breaking the record every day.

The drop amount, which averaged 32 billion won per month from January to May last year, steadily increased to 42 billion won per month from June to October last year and 67.4 billion won per month from November last year to March this year, before hitting 96.5 billion won per month.

Lotte Tourism Development explained that the drop amount was relatively small compared to the increase because the hold rate (the ratio of net sales of table games divided by the drop amount) was temporarily very low from August last year to March this year.

Dream Tower has maintained an average hold rate of 12.1% since its opening until July last year From August last year to March this year, it recorded a low hold rate of 5.5% on average. Lotte Tourism Development estimates that additional sales of 34 billion won will be possible if the hold rate remains only at the industry average of 12.9%.

Lotte Tourism Development said, "As the number of direct Chinese routes connecting Shanghai, Nanjing, and Beijing is expected to nearly triple from 44 times a week to 112 times a week from next month, Jeju Dream Tower Complex Resort will turn around."