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제목 We gathered only new open sites in 2023 문의 유형 배송
등록 일시 2023-07-11 조회수 314
The second subcommittee on bill review (hereinafter referred to as the second subcommittee) deleted three provisions, which were controversial among the 33 tasks, such as "special cases on private consignment of administrative affairs" and "special cases for introducing a pre-authorization system in case of transfer or merger of casino businesses.

In order to strengthen the function of the administrative market without a legal personality, the administrative city's private entrustment

includes allowing administrative affairs to be entrusted to the private sector even if they are not heads of local governments under the Local Autonomy Act.

On the other hand, the subcommittee did not accept that there was no legal authority of the administrative market under Article 117 of the Local Autonomy Act (Delegation of Affairs, etc.), and even if it was entrusted, there would be a contradiction in which the governor approves it again.

The casino pre-authorization system has been stranded due to controversy over its unconstitutionality. Restricting the transfer and merger guaranteed under the Commercial Act was deleted after a dispute, following criticism that it violates freedom of business.

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