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등록 일시 2023-07-09 조회수 297
Jeju foreigners, which had been directly hit by the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), are recovering. This is because the number of foreign tourists such as "Youker" (Chinese tourists), which disappeared after the COVID-19 incident, is increasing again as overseas skyways are reopened, including direct flights to China, which had been tightly closed.

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According to Jeju Island on the 3rd, sales of eight foreign-only locations in the province last year were 80.7 billion won, up 65.5% from 48.8 billion won the previous year. Foreign casino sales peaked at 190.3 billion won in 2019, but plunged to 69.3 billion won in 2020 due to the COVID-19 incident. It has been in a state of "opening closure" for more than two years due to sluggish sales, and has been recovering since last year. In particular, the industry predicted that sales of 100 billion won will be able to recover as the foreign tourism market recovers again this year.