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An official said, "The province, which had been virtually closed due to COVID-19, is busy welcoming customers," adding, "Although it is not the same level as in the past, expectations for a business recovery are also growing as the number of foreign tourists, including Chinese."
The number of foreign tourists visiting Jeju plunged from 1,726,132 in 2019 to 212,767 in 2020 and 48,278 in 2021. It then increased again to 87,944 last year. This year, 103,952 people visited until the 2nd, exceeding the number of visitors last year, and it surged 628% compared to the same period last year (14,271).
As operations in the province recovered, payments to the Jeju Tourism Promotion Fund, which pays a certain portion of its sales, also increased. This year, the Jeju Tourism Promotion Fund paid 6.7 billion won, an 86% increase from 3.6 billion won last year. The Tourism Promotion Fund for companies in the province imposes 1-10% of the previous year's sales. From 2007 to this year, the fund borne by casino sales amounted to 192.5 billion won.

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