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Lotte Tourism Development said, "The sharp rise in sales is due to the large increase in the number of users and drops (the amount of money customers changed to chips) including Chinese VIPs as direct flights to China opened in March for the first time in more than three years."
The number of passengers has continued to rise as direct international flights such as Singapore expanded in June last year.

users, who stayed at an average of 5,300 per month from January to May last year, jumped to an average of 8,300 per month as the Singapore route resumed. Since Osaka and Taipei routes resumed one after another in November and December last year, it has settled in the 10,000-person range, averaging 11,800 per month.
The number of passengers has been on a steep rise as direct flights to China have resumed in earnest since the end of March. The number of users recorded 18,700 for a month last month and surpassed 12,000 by the 17th of this month, making it certain to enter the 20,000 range per month.