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The roulette consists of a wheel, a small ivory ball, and a batting-out table, which rotates and is divided into 38 slots (US standard).

If you turn the small ivory ball, it stops in one of the 38 slots above. At this time, a certain magnification 

of the amount will be allocated based on the number 

you stopped and the amount you bet on the layout table.

The 38 holes in the wheel are from 

1 to 36, 000. Thirty-six of them have numbers from 1 to 36, 

half black and half red. And the other two are in green at 0, 000.

Batting will be done in the layout table. If the total amount 

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placed on the layout table exceeds the minimum bet, throw a small ivory 

ball into the wheel. When the ball stops in one hole, the dividend is 

paid for the batting based on the stop number.

For example, if you put $20 on one number and won 

(35x). You're going to get $720, which is 35 times the original $20, which is $700 plus the $20 you're going to get $720. 

Another example is, if you bet $100 on red and you win (1x), you get $200 in total for $100 and $100 for your original bet.