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Thinking about insurance from the perspective of collecting money, 

it is easy to think that it is worth walking when my card is 19 or 20, 

but in fact, insurance is not a good bet regardless of 

my card. The dealer ace eventually bets on whether

the hidden card is 10, but the proportion of the cards 

already released is so small that assuming that it is a non-restore 

extraction, 4   cards have a value of 10 out of 13 cards from A to K, 

and the probability is approximately 4/13, which is slightly less than 

one-third. However, if you win, you will only give three times the dividend, 

Thank you. >>

including the main, so the expected value is 12/13, and eventually 1/13 is a 

loss. If this is converted to house edge, it is about 8%, which is 20 times more