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등록 일시 2023-06-09 조회수 195

Gangwon Land announced on the 17th that it will provide a total of 300 million won in donations to events held in four cities and 

counties in the abandoned mine area of Gangwon Province in the second half 

of 2023 and hold a public offering until the 25th.

Thank you. >>

There are a total of four areas of the contest: local festivals, cultural and 

artistic festivals, sports events, and general events that reflect local characteristics, 

and applications can only be made for projects that can pay more than 20% of the total project cost.

Applicants are non-profit organizations or institutions located in four cities and 

counties in abandoned mine areas, and one organization may receive support for one project per year.

Projects that receive support from Gangwon Land or Gangwon Land Social Contribution Foundation are excluded from this support.

Applications can be submitted online by filling out an 

application for donation support for local events on the Gangwon Land website.