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등록 일시 2022-10-06 조회수 52
The eFOLDi electric scooter is a renowned scooter that was recently honoured with the British Invention of the Year Award. The scooter weighs only 37.5 pounds without the battery. Because it is so light, it is perfect for everyday use and for travel. Its small size and ease of use make it an ideal mobility solution for people with limited mobility. What is the efoldi scooter ('s price? Continue reading to find out.

eFoldi Lite 2.0

The eFoldi Lite foldable electric scooter has a range of 10 miles and a top speed at 4 mph. Its three-wheel design makes it extremely easy to manoeuvre. The wheels are a decent size and have a suspension system that is integrated into the seating area. This scooter that is lightweight will be available at a reduced price of $1500, which is about 50 percent less than the suggested retail price.

The eFoldi Lite is lightweight, weighing only 15kg without the battery. It is also extremely durable, thanks to the magnesium alloy frame. It can be folded down into a suitcase like shape which makes it easy to carry by public transportation cruise ships, or even on air travel. When folded it can be stored indoors, too. Because it is manufactured in the UK it comes with full after-sales assistance and maintenance.

The eFoldi Lite is the lightest scooter that folds up. It weighs just 15 kilograms when folded and eFOLDi scooter smaller than a suitcase. This makes it an ideal alternative for those who need an easy-to-use scooter. It is light, which means it can be easily carried on public transport and even in a car's boot. The magnesium alloy frame is strong and will last you for efoldi a long time if you take proper care. A foldable scooter is a fantastic option if you are on an extremely tight budget.

The Efoldi Lite electric scooter is portable and foldable. It can be moved easily. The scooter's lightweight design lets you put it in tight spaces and efoldi folding scooter is easily transported. Its compact design makes it easy to transport and its light weight won't limit your budget. With its ease of transportation and its lightweight weight the Efoldi Lite is the perfect scooter for those looking to enjoy the freedom they've always desired.

The eFoldi is currently being financed through Kickstarter. Depending on the level of your funding you can purchase an eFoldi at a half price of its retail price. The eFoldi is a multi-purpose, award-winning electric scooter, has proven to be hugely successful in the tricycle market. As it is an Kickstarter project you can buy one for less than half its retail cost.

eFoldi MK1.5

The eFoldi MK1.5 scooter is the newest addition to the eFOLDi range. The compact, lightweight scooter can be folded into a suitcase-like shape and stored indoors. Its Li-Ion battery, 12AH, is energy-efficient, long-lastingand durable, and specifically designed for long-range use. It weighs only 3.9 pounds and comes with full lighting. It's a versatile and fashionable option for the urban commuter.

The ability to fold away is ideal for pavement or road travel. The scooter's lightweight design ensures it can be folded down in mere minutes, and it's safe to travel on in an airplane. The eFOLDiMK1.5 mobility scooter weighs at 17kg, and it has an 8mph speed. The scooter comes with an lithium-ion battery and Efoldi Scooter four-point suspension seat.